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Whenever an entrepreneur contemplates the prospect of establishing a new business,  serious consideration needs to be given to forming a business entity (whether a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company "LLC"), so as to protect the personal assets of the individual involved.  For more than twenty years, attorney Larry Mayer has provided legal services for dozens of new business clients.  Each one is routinely counseled in regard to the proper selection of a suitable form of entity.  Additionaly, he drafts and prepares the necessary documentation required for filing with the State Corporations Commission and other agencies, and instructs each client as to properly maintaining internal company records that will ensure continued compliance with federal, state and local requirements.  

Beyond documentation, Mr. Mayer also takes great care to personally meet with each client to discuss the many potential risks facing a new business operator.  Clients are counseled in how to avoid common risks that could subject a new business, as well as the individual owner, to some serious liability.  





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Attorney Larry J. Mayer has extensive experience in the negotiation and drafting of a wide variety of legal instruments.   Over the years, Mr. Mayer has represented numerous clients in business jet aircraft sales, purchases, and leases, project collaboration of multiple businesses, trade and intellectual property protection, profit participation, and many other matters.   If you or your business is in need of negotiations or contracting assistance, consider taking advantage of a free and confidential phone consultation with Mr. Mayer to discuss your particular issues.





Sometimes, no matter how much care is taken to avoid it, disagreements among business partners can and will arise.  The most unfortunate circumstances occur when business partners with many years of friendship come to the point of a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.   In other cases, partners with the best of intentions often begin a working relationship before fully defining, in writing, the parameters of that relationship.  Situations like these often lead, not only to a collape of the friendly working relationship, but it can also become a roadblock that prohibits the business from moving forward, all to the detriment of each partner. 

Attorney Larry J. Mayer has counselled and negotated on behalf of clients in these and many other similar situations.  In nearly every case, he has successfully concluded a resolution and written agreement that avoided an escalation into a civil law suit. 

Litigation is costly, time-consuming, and takes a drastic toll on both the business and the individuals involved.  Mr. Mayer is experienced in finding a resolution that avoids litigating.



Securities Trading


For nearly 20 years, attorney Larry J. Mayer has maintained a client relationship with a closely-held corporation that participates in a numerous investment opportunities, including commercial real estate projects, aircraft trading, media ventures, and a wide array of other matters.  Most particularly, Mr. Mayer provides services for that client in identifying investment management firms and other fiduciary institutions that can satisfy the unique equities and bond trading and portfolio requirements for the client





Aircraft Transactions


As a commercial pilot, attorney Larry J. Mayer, is well-versed in the aviation industry.  His bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Science, coupled with his experience with Cessna Aircraft Company, numerous aircraft lending institutions, and his active involvement with the Civil Air Patrol, has instilled in him a life-long love of the industry.  

Over the years, Mr. Mayer has provided a broad range of legal representation for aviation clients, most particularly relating to aircraft title and registration matters.  He welcomes any opportunity to establish a working client relationship with fellow aviation enthusiasts.

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